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You can buy all these singles at Andy’s Records or CDzone.

Click on a track name to hear the song. They are all .mp3 files.

  • Songs of Ignorance
    CD and vinyl album on Too Pure Records (Pure 116)
    Released on 28th May 2001

    Green Green Grass
    Cracking Up
    Thrown Like A Stone
    Don’t Slip Up
    Colouring Book
    Valley Girl
    Booze & Cigarettes
    The House That Used To Be A Ship
    New Deal
    Vodka & Wine
  • Don’t Slip Up
    CD and 7” white vinyl single on Too Pure Records (Pure 107)
    Released on 21st May 2001

    Don’t Slip Up
    Pigs on Parade
    Kebab or Shag?
  • Cracking Up
    CD and 7” vinyl single on Too Pure Records (Pure 114)
    Released on 26th March 2001

    Cracking Up
    No Girl, No Sex
  • The House that used to be a Ship
    7″ Vinyl Single on Too Pure Records
    (released Jan 2001)
  • Silver Suit/Booze and Cigarettes
    7″ Vinyl Single on Prim and Proper Records
    (released May 2000)

    Silver Suit
    Booze and Cigarettes
  • Colouring Book EP
    CD SINGLE on Malthouse Records
    (released November 1999)

    Colouring Book
    Cracking Up
    Blue Bottle
    Kebab or Shag?
    Pussy Willow
  • Thrown Like A Stone/Don’t Slip Up
    CD SINGLE on Shifty Disco Records
    (released 27th September 1999)

    Thrown Like A Stone
    Don’t Slip Up
  • Murry The Hump & Gorgeous Fame and the Three Degrees
    Green Green Grass of Home/Pedro
    (7″ Single) Blue Dog Records

    Green Green Grass of Home
  • Don’t Slip Up – Demo (not published)
    1. Here Come The Fleas
    2. Don’t Slip Up
    3. A New Deal
    4. Valley Girl
    5. Jesus Saves
    6. One Fine Day
    7. Man In A Mac
    8. Pussy Willow
    9. Golden Showers